We can completely appreciate the benefit of hard work and attending to your craft, be it with furniture and leather – or in this case – Lego bricks. Local photographer Dan Harper has applied his design skills to replicating a Winnipeg landmark, Fort Gibraltar. Each February this location is host to Festival du Voyageur, a celebration of our Manitoba history.

Info from Dan Harper’s website:

Details about Lego Fort Gibraltar:
Piece count: 6340 approx. (more than the largest official Lego set, the Taj Mahal)
Build cost: This creation includes pieces from 11 Bricklink orders, 5 Lego Minecraft sets, the Lego Simpsons House and several visits to the Winnipeg Lego store Pick a Brick wall. Due to the large amount of pieces, high cost for some of the unique pieces and shipping costs, this set cost in the area of $2000 to create.
Size: The physical size of the model is 4’x4′ and it sits on two 2’x4′ wooden boards for easy transport
Build time: From my initial thoughts to create the Fort in February 2016 to it’s unveiling to FDV staff on May 5th was about 2.5 months. The actual time that I put into creating the build included:
-5 hours of concept drawing
-collaboration and visualization time with J
-25 hours for ordering parts
-3 hours of collaboration with other Lego builders from the Manitoba Lego Users Group
-consultation time with FDV staff
-finally the actual build time was in the area of 50 hours due to creating and re-creating multiple structures with different build techniques.
*So a total of about 85 hours all together to create

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