An open concept living area is open to great design possibilities.

Where several rooms are independent, and yet connected as one, and you want to redesign and refine your space, here are a few things to think about:


A fresh coat of paint can change everything. Find a colour you love. Choose a second shade, a lighter or darker option of the same hue. Paint most of the area in your beloved colour. Use the darker or lighter colour on an accent wall, to create a sense of depth. The accent wall is the one you see when you look from one room as deeply as possible into the other. Add a strong accent colour in a contrasting shade, to perk things up. Try red in a blue room, or yellow in a violet room. Incorporate the accent colour in accessories and details, as you like.


Tie your spaces together with the same neutral white or off-white ceiling. Match trim and woodwork, making it all white or of the same wood finish throughout. Match flooring, using matching tones or identical flooring.


Define rooms by creating a break with moulding over a window or a door, or by applying wainscoting/low paneling in one room. Define living space with an area rug, and/or by placing your sofa or sectional to define and separate the living space from the room next to it. Another option is to use a bookcase or screen to create a visual barrier between rooms like the kitchen and the living room.

Have Fun

Take photos of your space with you, to keep your requirements in mind while you shop. Get colour samples and place them on the walls to help visualize and plan your new look. Have fun designing your space in your style and your way.

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