Discover your decorating style by reminding yourself of the things that inspire you and make you smile.

Look to your memories. What colours and shapes did you love most in childhood? Did you have a favourite animal or place or person? Do these childhood loves still make you smile?

Look around your home. What are some of your most treasured possessions? What do you love about them?

Look at your ideal of home. Is it inspired by a period of time like the 1920s or 1950s? Is it cozy and traditional, sleek and modern, or simple and casual? Do you like matching items or an eclectic mix around you?

Look outside. Take a walk around your yard, the neighbourhood, a local park. What do you see that strikes you? What colours, shapes and textures inspire you?

Look to your favourite flower, the lines of an interesting building, the clouds in the sky, the grass or snow under your feet. Explore the world and discover what you really like.

Look to the foods you enjoy, and the places you have visited or long to visit. In your own holiday photos, or the travel advertising and photos of others, what appeals to you most? Do you love elements of life and culture in another place?

Look to the television shows you watch and the books or other materials that you read. Are there visual elements and themes that inspire you? Do you adore the vintage furniture of period stories, the sleek modern look of futuristic stories, or the latest fashions of the moment of current stories?

Look to your wardrobe and the wardrobes of others. What feels fashionable and great to you, and what doesn’t? Do you like simple timeless looks, or making a stronger statement?

Embrace what you love, and discover your own unique decorating style. Do things in your style, your way, for your home.

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