A sofa isn’t just a sofa.

It will be your sofa, an integral part of your home. So you want to make sure you’ll love it.

How can you feel confident you are buying the right sofa for you?

First, consider the use of this sofa. Will it be used every day, or simply for occasional entertaining? If lounging and relaxation are the goal, you will want to ensure it is long enough to stretch out on, and deep enough to curl up in.

Size Matters

Consider its size. It should look just the right size in your space, and it should not be too large to fit the room. Be sure to carefully measure both the sofa and the room, as well as every opening along the path into the room in order to ensure it will fit. Measure the ceiling height, door frames, and elevator doors if applicable.


Choose a quality cover of leather or fabric, in a beautiful colour. Match it to your walls or have it compliment the rest of your home’s décor. Opt for classic and practical colours and ensure it’s fashionable for many years to come, or be bold and reflect it in your colour choice.


Make sure the style and look of the sofa is just right for you. Explore a contemporary style, or be comforted by a more familiar transitional style that makes you feel at home.


Make sure your sofa is sturdy and strong, designed to last. Learn about its structure and support, and how to properly clean and maintain it.

Comfort and Appeal

Sit back. Lie down. Curl up. Try it out as it will be used in your own home. How does it feel? Does it offer support where you need it? Listen to your body. When you find the right sofa, you’ll know it’s the one for you.


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