You know how Mom always had her own unique way of making us feel at home? Mom always knew just how to touch our hearts, and put life into perspective.

Do you remember any of these nurturing moments, with your Mom?

At Mom’s house, we never ran out of clean towels, tissues and toilet paper because she always had her laundry done, and she kept a stock of essentials just in case. Mom treated us with fresh baking and a home-cooked meal, or she’d order out to make dinner special. When it was cold, Mom always had an extra blanket nearby. She’d put on the coffee or tea, or make us a nice cup of hot chocolate.

Today’s Mom brings home the love in new ways.

These days, Mom kicks nurturing into high gear, on a journey of many miles to keep our busy schedules as well as hers, taking us shopping, driving us to our hockey practices, music lessons, swimming, and many, many other activities as she continues to meet her own numerous professional career responsibilities. As our biggest fan, Mom encourages us to take care of ourselves and excel in all we do, to be strong and independent like she is. Mom is always there for us, and when we need her most, we know she is never more than a call text away.

Mom is sentimental, and she cherishes our creations including our long-forgotten crayon drawings. The lumpy piece of pottery we made with our own little hands is among her most prized possessions. Mom surrounds us with love in memories of the past, and in conversations about the present. On Mother’s Day, home is where Mom is.

We love you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

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