Reading a book is primarily a solo activity. That’s why we were suprised to learn this tidbit: belonging to a book club not only helps make new friends, but keep current friends as well. Although it seems contradictory (reading alone to foster friendships) it does make sense. It can be difficult to schedule a chunk of time dedicated to visiting friends. But 15 minutes to read a few pages before bed? Easy-peasy. The anticipation to attend a fun gathering to discuss said book is half the fun. “Wonder what so-and-so say about this plot twist…?”

Thinking of starting a book club of your own? Here’s some advice on getting started:

Choose Your Members

Typically book club members share common interests or live in nearby neighbourhoods. While that is a great starting place, we suggest starting with a small core group and then ask each member to bring along someone new. A fresh or unusual perspective on the reading selection often gives new dimension to the conversation.

Choosing The Selection

Some clubs focus on a particular genre. Home Decor, Cookbooks, Travel and Adventure and Biographies are all great themes. Be sure to take turns within the group on choosing titles so that all members feel part of the process. Oftentimes, local libraries have resources on titles that work well for group discussions afterwards.

Making Time to Read

It may be tempting to blast through an entire book in one sitting. It is easier to digest and ruminate on information and while reading in manageable doses. But sometimes a book is just that good that it’s difficult to put down. Don’t feel guilty – that’s a sign that it is a great book selection.

Where to Host the Discussion

Many clubs take turns alternating hosting duties in their homes. If doing so, other guests can help by contributing a sweet treat or appetizer. Other groups choose to meet at a restaurant or coffee shop. Although, the most inventive solution may be to meet at a bookstore. While there, members can buy the next book on the reading list.

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