As an essential member of the Sectionals collection, the beautiful Barrett boasts timeless geometric lines.

Barrett looks best dressed in a natural leather to accentuate the details and add to the clean lines and shelter arm styling.

Barrett sectional in Broadway Onyx.
Barrett sectional in Broadway Onyx.

Accessorize to fit your space with some soft toss pillows or a colourful throw blanket. Or, if your taste is more industrial, compliment the design with metal, wood, and brick textures and accessories.

Barrett in Bison Brown,
Barrett in Bison Brown.

Explore the selection of leather covers available to customize your Barrett here.

At Palliser, we want you to get the most from your leather furniture. We have created Leather 101 to give you all the leather care information you need.

Quality and durability are at the core of all Palliser leather products. Find it for your home, in your style, your way.

For more info on style Barrett, visit our website here.

Featured image fabric – Hush Walnut.

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