Sp-RING! We have finally (read: hopefully) packed away the shovels for the season. Did you know that there is a new word to describe the landscape in Manitoba this season? Snirt: def. The mixture of snow + dirt. Not quite snow, not quite dirt. There was once a local Facebook page featuring photos of supposed mountain ranges. The user was asked to choose if the pictures were of West Coast mountain ranges – or piles of snow in the parking lot of St. Vital Mall. It was harder than you’d think…

This season, we bid adieu to winter. Farewell to: memories of hot chocolate and skating on the Red River. Hello to: crocuses pushing through the frost and plenty of windshield washer fluid. Are you planning a spring refresher for you home? Start with some decor-inspo, and start with refreshing your tech with new wallpapers to welcome Spring! Featured style – Westend.

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