Let’s bring back the cocktail party.

Romanticized in recent television shows set in the 1950s and 1960s, these entertaining home events don’t have to remain a thing of the past. Sure our parents and grandparents enjoyed them, so why shouldn’t we?

What is a cocktail party, really? It’s a party in the warmth of your own home where cocktails are served. Images of fancy drinks, women in fancy cocktail dresses, and men in snazzy suits come to mind. But really, your cocktail party can be anything you want it to be, so dress it up or down as you wish.

While the party is named for the drinks, it is really about the people- welcoming them, connecting with them, and ensuring a pleasant evening is had by all.

For many of us, an invitation to a cocktail party in your home on a Friday or Saturday night is always a welcome alternative to going out to a public place. Let’s face it. We would rather spend an evening among friends rather than packed in with strangers. And we’d like to enjoy our drinks and snacks or dinner without paying bar and restaurant prices for them.

For the host, there is also something about staying home, welcoming friends and colleagues into your home and entertaining them. You don’t need a babysitter, and you can show off your personal style in your home, in your way.

Make a guest list. Stock your bar. Consider having a signature drink that you will feature. Plan the menu. Cocktail party guests can be nourished with appetizers and snacks, a selection of finger foods, or serve a more complete buffet.

Dust off those fancy glasses in your china cabinet, and serve up your drinks in style. Arrange your seating. Carefully select some appropriate background music to set the mood, compose a playlist and let it play.

Let the party begin.

Featured style: Lemans HTS.

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