Get ready to channel your inner Bohemian. Bohemian style is all the rage again, in fashion and home design, so why not have some fun with it.

The term Bohemian originally described the free-spirited creative people including artists, poets, musicians, actors, and writers of the 19th century who rebelled against society’s conventions and created their own style. Today, Bohemian describes a look that melds the best of both hippy and hipster fashion into something relaxed, self-expressive, and fashionable.

So really, it’s about being your own funky and creative self with a little tie dye and macramé thrown in for good measure.

“What I am is what I am. Are you what you are or what?”               – Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians

Go Bohemian

If you are wondering how to “go Bohemian”, here are some suggestions.

Create a grown-up love child-inspired look. Incorporate bright colours and vibrant prints of tie-dye, paisley, floral, and embroidered patterns. Add some fringe, wall hangings, embroidery, a beaded curtain, and scarves. Include wicker, crochet and macramé in your décor. Find inspiration in artwork of water colours, or create your own. Hang a lantern.

Create an indoor relaxation space to free your spirit. Add a woven rug, low table, and cushions on the floor. Place your mattress low to the floor and feel grounded. Add a dream catcher for peaceful dreams. Connect with nature by filling your home with flowers and plants.

Dress up your sunroom or gazebo with comfortable fabric furniture, cushions, curtains, and accessories like candles. Dine in the fresh air in style, complete with linens and colourful clay dishes. Blend the looks of past and present into your own look. Think about the vintage designs you most admire, and bring your favourite components of them into your home. Mix them up, and find your own way to make them work.

Go Bohemian, with what you love, and create your own unique home design.

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