We could all use some good chi- the life force energy. So why not do all you can to attract it and let it flow through your home by incorporating some basic feng shui principles in your harmonious home design.

According to Feng Shui for Dummies, chi enters your home through the front door, so ensure it has a clear path. Clear your entry of clutter. Place a fountain near the door to symbolize the flow of money into your home, and encourage prosperity.

Stimulate learning by keeping books in sight.

Reduce frustration by fixing what’s broken, so you are no longer distracted by it.

Clear your home of clutter so the energy may flow freely.

Grow plants in your bedroom to liven up your love life.

Improve your career by placing your desk so you can see who is coming into the room, either by facing the door or by facing a mirror that reflects the doorway.

Hang a wind chime to encourage helpful people to be around you.

Also, it is believed that colours nourish us with energy in the spirit of the elements.

Fire element is passion and energy, with red, orange, deep yellow. Earth element is stable and grounding with light yellow, beige, sandy colours. Metal element eliminates distraction with gray and white. Water element is flowing abundance with blue and black. Wood element is growth and thriving with brown and green.

If you would like to further explore feng shui, find out what your feng shui birth element is and nourish it, and make an energy map or bagua of your space to more precisely guide you in appropriate decorating.

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