Do you absolutely love your home? If not, it’s time to rekindle the passion and feel the love again.

Remember what it was like when you first met, how you first saw the exciting potential of making a life together. Now ask yourself, how can I feel that way again?


Take a step back for a moment, and look at your home with fresh eyes. What are your home’s best qualities? Appreciate all the good things about your home, and be grateful for them.

Next, think about why you aren’t madly in love with your home in this moment. Has it become cluttered and dated? How can you fix it?


Declutter your space and remove what no longer serves you. Repaint, and replace furniture,

Repaint, and replace furniture, accessories, and artwork with something fresh and inspiring. Or simply organize what you have in a new way.


To guide you, think of a word, or a few words that capture how you want your home to make you feel. Focus on that feeling, and work to create it.

Do you want to feel comforted, happy, relaxed, creative, peaceful, energized, or authentic? Then challenge yourself to create that feeling in every adjustment to your space.

A home, like a relationship, is a work-in-progress, so be sure to take things one step at a time, and make every change with patience and love.

Let the romance continue! Happy Valentine’s Day.

Featured style – Harrow.

Posted by:Palliser Furniture