Looking for a quick style refresh?

Here’s a strategy for you: Add some new accent pillows.

Accent pillows have great potential to help you make the most of your space and create that refreshed look you are craving. Before you buy, here are some things to consider.

Proper Care and Construction

Washable pillows that can easily be run through the washer or wiped clean are best if you worry about spills and dirt. If allergies are a concern, avoid feathers.

By the Numbers

An odd number of pillows on a sofa creates interest, and an even number creates balance. So consider placing two to five pillows on a sofa, and one or two on a chair, but really, it’s important to go with what feels right for you. Some people can never have too many pillows, and others feel like one or two are enough.

Size and Shape

The most common accent pillows are large or small square, rectangle, round, and bolster shapes. Four squares, two on each side, and a bolster in the middle, is a safe and fashionable look for a sofa, or be more adventurous in creating your own. Square and rectangle shapes can balance out a plush sofa, and round shapes can soften a square sofa.


A pillow’s colour can either compliment or contrast your sofa and/or decor. Which way do you want to go? Try pillows of a solid colour or how about pillows of a variety of solid colours? Enjoy playing with the possibilities. To guide you as you shop for pillows or material to make your own, take a photo of your furniture in your room and keep it with you as a handy reference. Have fun accenting your home in your style and your way.

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