Modern florals are big, quite literally. Think big, beautiful blooms adorning wallpaper, artwork, pillows, bedding and more. The images are realistic, like focused photos or sketches giving us an up-close look at flowers in their most attractive moment, captured forever in your design. Background colours tend to echo nature and the elements, with shades including royal blue, forest green, and touches of gold, brass, and copper shades among the popular options.

While Victorian florals had a much more ornate look, with an embroidered detailing about them, and some of the more recent florals have been more abstract and psychedelic in nature, modern florals truly do get back to nature for a more natural look and feel.

Imagine how you could brighten up your home by taking your love of flowers beyond the vase, and decorating with modern florals. The look of big, natural flowers may grow on you. Or scale them down a little, if you want. When it comes to design preferences, after all, no one size has to fit all.

“I must have flowers, always, and always.”- Claude Monet

We think the famous French impressionist painter was right. Monet painted sunflowers on canvas. You could paint your own big floral bloom or two on a wall for an inspired pop of colour, or stick to creating an accent wall with gorgeous floral print wallpaper. This spring’s fashions are mixing florals with stripes. Why not carry this attractive pairing into your home décor, as you wish?

With modern florals, anything goes, so have fun and enjoy exploring the possibilities until you find something that’s just right for you. Can you ever really have too many flowers? You decide.


Posted by:Palliser Furniture