Palliser’s Bari was recently nominated for a Pinnacle Award.

This style was designed by Winnipeg furniture designer, James Culleton for Palliser.

The Bari is a polished and adaptable design. It’s smooth and luxurious, with bright clean lines and a deep seat.

As part of the Home Entertainment System (HES) collection, this clean contemporary style is customizable with a mix-and-match choice of regular and more comfortable wider seats that connect together. Chairs are supported with foam backs, and there are two styles of wedges to choose from. Wedges are fully upholstered, include storage, USB charging ability, and either wood table surface or cup holders in a choice of antique brass, stainless steel, or black chrome LED.

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Culleton holds a Fine Arts degree from the University of Manitoba, majoring in drawing and painting. He worked at Palliser Furniture for several years, and provides freelance support.

“I think the biggest thing I bring to the table as a visual communicator is being able to get ideas on paper and help realize their full potential,” he told his community newspaper, The Lance.

In addition to furniture design, Culleton also does painting, sculpting, fabric design, drawing, music, and more.

His public art projects include the façade of the West End Cultural Centre in Winnipeg, and building labyrinths at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. He’s also working on his fifth album, to be released in 2016.

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Award-winning design

In addition to his work for Palliser, James also designed an award-winner for The Pinnacle Seating Studio.

The M1 was recognized with the prestigious Pinnacle Award in the category of motion furniture.

The award was presented on Oct. 19, 2015 by the American Society of Furniture Designers at the 20th anniversary celebration of the awards, in High Point, North Carolina. The event is like the Academy Awards of furniture, says Culleton.

“It was an honour to be nominated and to win the Pinnacle Award in the category of Motion,” he says. “Special thanks to all the talented people at Palliser who made it happen, and to the Defehr family for supporting me throughout my design career.”

The M1 is a luxurious design that makes a statement. With its power headrest and footrest, fine handcrafted tailoring, and polished steel legs, it’s smooth and impressive in both engineering and design. It’s available in a selection of beautiful natural leathers, and in Ultrasuede.

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