March is a lucky month, so why not incorporate some lucky elements into your home décor.

They’ll look great, and they might even improve your odds of good fortune.

Add Red

Paint your front door red and invite joy and happiness into the home. Tie three coins together with red thread to invite wealth, and keep the coins in a red envelope. Tie bamboo together with red ribbon. Bamboo encourages peace, health, unity, and luck.

Lucky Numbers

A vase of seven cut flowers increases energy flow, but be sure to remove any thorns. Keep eight goldfish in a bowl, or incorporate four-leaf clovers for luck. Keep three keys together for health, wealth, and love.


Elephants, especially elephants with their trunks up, dolphins, turtles, and frogs are said to bring luck. Tigers are a symbol of strength against illness. Pigs and piggy banks, horses galloping to success, dragons for luck and protection, and golden or black cats may all be lucky influences.

Sweet Dreams

Hang a horseshoe on the bedroom wall, or hang a dream catcher, and sleep well. Hang a horseshoe over the doorway with the ends up, so your luck doesn’t run out. Incorporate stars and rainbows into your home and make all your wishes come true.


Unclutter your entryway and place your furniture in a circular formation so the positive energy can flow through your home. Keep citrus fruit in a bowl for a pop of colour, and freshen your home and your luck with citrus oils.


Ladybugs and dragonflies invite happiness, change, and new beginnings. Crickets are lucky. Spiders symbolize wealth and prosperity, and are a sign of good things to come.

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